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Pineapple Sails started business in 1973 as a high quality custom sailmaking shop. A long time has passed since then. While our manufacturing techniques have evolved and fabrics and hardware have improved, we continue to be a high quality custom sailmaking shop. And we continue to make each and every sail from start to finish right here in Alameda, California.

It takes a long time to establish a reputation. We have worked hard to establish ours. And we continue to be careful to maintain and improve it.

If your sails and the service that goes with them are important to you, you'll find exactly what you are looking for here. But if you are looking for cheap sails, you need to look elsewhere.

Sails are important to us. We consider them to be ours no matter how old they get. Yes, you can buy them, and you are encouraged to use them every chance you get. But we will still think of them as ours.

If you are interested in buying new sails, the best way to learn about us is to call us on the phone, or if possible to stop by our new loft. You will find that we are attentive, intelligent, knowledgable and we listen.

Not only are our sails important to us, you are important to us.

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